Wind Mitigations

Wind Mitigation Certification - What is a Wind Mitigation?

A Wind Mitigation is used to obtain discounts on your insurance premium.  Insurance cost is based on standard construction methods. Some homes qualify for additional discounts based upon the construction methods used during the original construction, as well as improvements made to the home during its life.  The Wind Mitigation Inspection is an evaluation of 7 factors as described below (Based upon the Tampa Bay Area): This is a voluntary inspection that as a home owner may benefit you greatly in savings on your insurance cost. 

1)  Building code: If the home was constructed according to FBC "Florida Building Codes" and permitted after 3/1/2002, you will qualify for this discount line item.

2)  Roof Covering: If the roof covering meets the FBC with an FBC Product Approval listing current at the time of installation OR have a roofing permit application date on or after 3/1/2002 OR the roof is original and the home was built in 2004 or later, you will qualify for this discount line item.

3)  Roof Deck Attachment: This is related to how the roof deck is attached to the trusses.  There are two sections in this item that you may qualify for.  Provided the roof deck is nailed with #8 Nails at 6" on center at the edge, and 6" or 12" on center in the field, you would qualify for one of the discounts in this section. There are also discounts for Dimensional Lumber/Tongue & Groove, etc. that are similar. Some older homes qualify for this discount, however; without having the inspection preformed it is impossible to determine if you qualify for this discount or not.  The building codes also changed in 3/1/2009 requiring roof decks to be re-nailed with #8 nails 6" on center. If you have had a new roof installed, with a permit date on or after this date you should qualify for this discount. This item will require access to the attic area to determine the appropriate discount that applies.

4)  Roof to Wall Attachment: This item addresses how the trusses are connected to the perimeter wall. Again, without having the inspection preformed it is impossible to determine if you qualify for this discount or not.  Some older homes have the appropriate clips and/or straps that qualify, however; it is now required that the connectors be attached to the trusses with three nails.  Without a lengthy explanation of this discount, there are three sections in this item that you may qualify for; Clips, Straps, Single Wrap Straps, and Double Wrap Straps.  Again this item will require access to the attic area to determine the appropriate discounts that applies. 

5)  Roof Geometry:  If you have a Hip Roof you will qualify for this discount. A Hip Roof is one that is sloped on all sides, and does not have a flat surface that extends above the normal wall height.  A wedge or triangular flat area at the end of the house is consider a Gable End and you are only allowed to have 10% of the total roof system perimeter made in this configuration.  This discount is becoming increasingly harder to obtain, because flat roofs, patio's, and screen enclosures are now being taken into account in the determination of this discount.  Again, without having the inspection preformed it is impossible to determine if you qualify for this discount or not. 

6)  Secondary Water Resistance (SWR): Also called Peel & Stick.  This is a self-adhering roof underlayment applied directly to the roof sheathing or foam adhesive applied as a supplemental means to protect the dwelling from water intrusion in the event of a roof covering loss.  PLEASE NOTE:  Regarding Peel & Stick there are only two ways this discount can be obtained.  One is to have it listed on the Roof Permit with the Product Manufacture identified. Two is to have at least two photos of the Peel & Stick on the entire roof prior to having the shingles installed, the photos must include some identifying background items so there is no mistake that the photos are of your roof.  Please be advised, that being able to see some of the product from the attic area, OR the Roofing Contractors receipt, work order, etc., are NOT acceptable documentation.  Make sure you have one of the two items above, and retain this information in your records if you have a new roof installed and elect to have this product installed on your roof.

7)  Opening Protection:  In a brief summary, this discount requires that ALL openings, including front door, side garage doors, all windows, and garage doors, etc. be 100% 9 lb Large Missile Impact Rated (4.5 lb for skylights only), and in accordance with FBC and Florida Product Approval Codes. It is rare that I find this discount applies to very may homes in our area.  The Garage Doors are one of the largest problems in getting this discount. Many times I find that the garage doors are fairly new and WIND RATED, not Impact rated.  Until 2012, garage door replacements in our area were not required to be impact rated according to the building codes.  If you think you qualify for this discount, all documentation on the products you have installed will need to be reviewed.  If you are replacing doors or windows, it is recommenced that you retain all of the window stickers in your files for future proof and verification of their impact ratings.  

Please note:  That if we are inspecting your home for a Roof Certification or 4 Point Inspection, and you would like to obtain a Wind Mitigation Inspection, there will be no additional charge for this inspection if you do not qualify for any of the discounts listed above.  

If you have any questions about these inspections, please feel free to call us, and we will be happy to discuss any aspect of these inspections in detail!